Ceramic Fiber Specialty Wet & Dry Products

Ceramic Fiber Specialty Wet & Dry Products

Specialty Wet & Dry Mix Products

A range of mastics, coatings and cements for bonding, filling, casting and protecting in high temperature environments.

LDS Moldable

Pumpable XJ1

QF Cements


Boiler Seal


Fiberstick Cement

1 to 20 Kg Pails

  •          Hot or cold repairs of refractory linings and sealing joints, penetration and cracks.
  •          High Reflectance Coatings for erosion protection against flames, hot gases and molten metals.
  •          Designed to be used on boilers.
  •          Insulating Cement Castable generally use as a backup insulation.
  •          Bonding of cement Fiber including bonded modules to brick and other porous surfaces.