Silica up to 1200°C Cloth

Armasil AR18-600 Cloth 1200°C

Armasil AR36-1200 Cloth 1200°C

Armasil AR Series is pure Silica but has a special protective coating making it more abrasion resistant. AR Series is designed for welding purposes & protection and has great seam strength. AR fabrics are excellent for fabricating such as welding blankets, insulation pads and curtains.

Silica up to 1200°C Cloth

Armasil AS18-600 Cloth

Armasil AS36-1200 Cloth

Armasil AS18-600 Cloth & Armasil AS36-1200 Cloth are a continuous filament, amorphous Silica product, which when chemically treated, result in essential pure Silica.

The AS Series is designed to provide thermal insulation for extreme temperatures. It is an excellent product for heat treating, insulation blankets, furnace curtains and stress relieving pads.

Fibreglass 550°C Cloth

Vextra Fabrics

Vextra fabrics are woven with 100% fibreglass yarns, impregnated with a vermiculite solution which provides added heat protection.

Continuous Operating Temperature: 538°C (Note: Vermiculite will provide stability to the fabric up to 815°C.


  • Drop Cloth over Equipment, floors
  • Heat Treating
  • Heat Containment Curtains
  • Fire Protection
  • Moderate Horizontal Slag Protection
  • Flexible Connectors