Thermal Products

Thermal Products Front Page Commentary

For many years ATS has specialised in the field of Industrial Thermal Insulation.

As a company highly experienced in the field of Steam & Boiler spares and accessories, Thermal Insulation products go hand in hand, to provide our customers with a complete service in these fields.

ATS carries a full range of Ceramic Fiber materials to satisfy any insulating and gasket requirements you may have. Whether you require Ceramic Fibre in blanket, board, mica, bulk fiber, paper, specialty wet & dry mix or rope and braid, give ATS a call for prompt friendly service.

ATS also has a full range of Fibreglass products in the form of fabrics and cloth which are ideal for heat insulation and welding blanket applications. Some of these products can be bonded with silicone to give a higher temperature resistance. Foil facing is also available to improve heat deflection.

A full range of Fibreglass Tape and Rope is also stocked. This is ideal material for lagging of hot pipes and for use as door gaskets on ovens and kilns.

If you have a sleeving requirement, ATS can assist with various types of sleeving to provide thermal insulation for extreme temperatures.

ATS is experienced in the field of Rockwool Pipe Insulation. We can supply Rockwool Semi- Rigid pipe insulation for virtually any diameter of pipe and any insulation thickness. This material is also available in flexible rolls and rigid batts.

If you have a specialist application which requires a custom made product to be manufactured from thermal protection material, please call ATS and let our experienced staff advise you.