AU Acoustics/Noise Control Products

ATS has a full range of acoustic products for your every application.

If it’s Acoustic Foam you’re looking for, ATS can help with various thicknesses available of plain open-cell foam for sound absorption purposes.

ATS also has a range of Composite Style SD Foams available. This material incorporates a foam layer, a PVC layer, another foam layer and finally an outside layer of silver Foil Facing. This gives this material not only sound attenuation capabilities, but a degree of thermal protection as well. This material is particularly effective in sound attenuation cabinets and covers on such machinery as marine engines, compressors, pumps, generators and stationary power saws and machinery.

Cabfoam is a popular product used as an absorption material in tractor, truck and bus cabins, and even lifts. This is an acoustic foam product faced with a perforated vinyl material.

If you require a Custom-made Acoustic Cover, leave it to the experts at ATS. We can provide for your application with the supply of metal formwork, mated with the right acoustic material for your needs.

ATS also has the solution to sound attenuation of round pipes with the Quad/Pipe Wrap, which comprises a barrier foam with an outer foil facing.

We have a product for any sound barrier requirement you may have. Please give the friendly staff at ATS a call and discuss your particular application.